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Bilirakis Applauds Passage of Broad Energy Bill to Maximize America’s Energy Potential

December 3, 2015
Press Release

The United States House of Representatives today advanced legislation to improve our nation’s energy policies, maximize our energy potential, and protect consumers and families across the nation. The House passed H.R. 8, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act and resolutions to counteract EPA overreach.

“This legislation will help bring us into the 21st century with modern policies to reflect our energy abundance,” said Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-FL). “By updating our laws to reflect the advances in our energy sector, we will help create jobs, make America more independent, strengthen our energy security and diplomacy, and improve energy efficiency. H.R. 8 will directly impact consumers and families across the country, making energy more affordable for all.”

The North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act is a product of the Energy and Commerce Committee’s continued work to modernize energy infrastructure and remove unnecessary barriers for energy producers, businesses, consumers, and families. 

“Additionally, the judicial resolutions advanced today provide for congressional disapproval of EPA overreaching regulation,” added Bilirakis. “These resolutions will have a lasting impact on my constituents and our rural communities, and will protect new and existing power plants from the EPA’s burdensome regulations outlined in the Clean Power Plan. This plan could raise electric rates in my home state of Florida annually between 11-15% for over ten years and could close down power plants in rural areas that provide jobs and economic activity. With these resolutions, we can protect my constituents from rate increases and keep energy affordable for all.”

Learn more about the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act here.