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Please see the statement below from Congressman Bilirakis regarding today’s proposed impeachment.

January 13, 2021
Press Release



Summer Blevins


Please see the statement below from Congressman Bilirakis regarding today’s proposed impeachment.

“Last week's chaotic events were very troubling. Let me first say in unequivocal terms that violence is never justified. I strongly condemned it when it occurred on the left, and with equal vigor, I condemn what took place last week. While I support the Constitutionally-protected right to a peaceful protest, the lawless images we saw of people ignoring law enforcement directives, battling with authorities and vandalizing the Capitol were a stain on our democracy.  Those who broke the law should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.  I also strongly support a thorough, non-partisan investigation into the planning failures that allowed these tragic events to transpire.  As we work to ensure accountability for those who committed criminal acts, I remain extremely grateful to all of those in law enforcement whose brave actions prevented further destruction of public property and greater loss of life.  Many were injured in the line of duty, and of course, my thoughts and prayers remain with the family and colleagues of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick who died as a result of his injuries.  May his memory be eternal.    

 While I have not agreed with many things the President has done and said over the past week, the Speaker's politically-motivated impeachment procedure is a highly polarizing ruse that will only further divide Americans.  Continuing to play the blame game and engaging in dramatized theatrics only inflames a very unfortunate situation.  It further alienates millions of Americans who distrust our political processes, have concerns about the direction of our country and feel that their voices are being silenced.  It will only fuel the anger and frustration that exists.   We need to get outside the echo-chamber of Washington, find common ground and focus on the real challenges that families across our nation are experiencing.

 Aside from this being a counterproductive measure as we try to unite our nation, this emotion-fueled reckless action sets a very dangerous precedent for our country.  The House voting to impeach the President without listening to eyewitness testimony or reviewing a single piece of evidence is a violation of due process and a significant, undemocratic deviation from past procedures.  The lack of transparency and the rush to action with less than a week remaining in this President’s term reeks of political expediency.   Removing a duly elected President from office is a very serious proposition.  I am genuinely concerned that this action will make it easier for future leaders to circumvent the will of the people and remove a future President without cause.  In October of 2019, Speaker Pelosi, herself issued a letter “establishing the procedures for impeachment hearings that were open to the American people, authorizing the disclosure of deposition transcripts, outlining the transfer of evidence to respective committees and setting forth due process rights for the President and his counsel.” Yet, as she rushes to make history in impeaching President Trump for a second time she has failed to even give the pretense of creating an impartial process.          

 The long-term success of our country is dependent on our willingness to work together as one team for the greater good. We have serious problems that require the attention of thoughtful, principled, solution-oriented leaders. I remain committed to working in such a manner as we prepare for a peaceful transition of power later this month.  All of my constituents can be assured that I will continue to defend conservative principles and work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle as we seek free-market solutions to restore our way of life, rebuild our economy,  and renew the American dream,” said Congressman Bilirakis.