Congressman Gus Bilirakis

Representing the 12th District of Florida

Committee & Leadership Assignments

Congressman Bilirakis has been selected by the House Republican Conference to serve in the following leadership and committee posts during the 114th Congress:

Committee Assignments

House Energy and Commerce Committee

Health Subcommittee: The U.S. is home to a constant stream of cutting-edge medical advancements, but these innovations can only benefit patients and spur our economy if the FDA regulatory process keeps pace. The Health Subcommittee has developed key reforms to promote this type of medical advancement, part of its broader efforts to support market-based improvements to our health care system and reject heavy-handed government control.

Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee: The CMT Subcommittee has consistently focused on sensible consumer protections for the 21st century. The panel leads the committee’s efforts to address complex questions of individual privacy in the online ecosystem. Its major legislative accomplishments in recent years include vehicle safety reforms in the highway bill and much-needed regulatory relief to make sure consumer product safety laws work efficiently and effectively.

Communications and Technology Subcommittee: The C&T Subcommittee focuses on electronic communications, both Interstate and foreign, including voice, video, audio and data, whether transmitted by wire or wirelessly, and whether transmitted by telecommunications, commercial or private mobile service, broadcast, cable, satellite, microwave, or other mode; technology generally; emergency and public safety communications; and cybersecurity, privacy, and data security.

Vice-Chairman, House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Subcommittee on Health: Legislative, oversight, and investigative jurisdiction over the Veterans Health Administration, including medical services, medical support and compliance, medical facilities, medical and prosthetic research, and major and minor construction.

Leadership Assignments