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Bilirakis Comments on Gonzales Resignation

August 27, 2007
Bilirakis Blog

Gus comments on the announcement by Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez that he will be stepping down.

Reuters reports . . .
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned, an official said on Monday, ending a controversial tenure as chief law enforcement officer that blemished the administration of President George W. Bush. The official confirmed a Web site report of the resignation by The New York Times, telling Reuters an official announcement would be made later in the day. The 51-year-old Bush loyalist was at the center of a political firestorm over the sacking of federal prosecutors last year, which critics in Congress complained were politically motivated. The official told The Times that Gonzales had told Bush on Friday in a telephone call that he would resign. The official said the job would not be open for long.
Which he did (see photo above). DOJ website has the full remarks of Alberto Gonzales announcing his resignation as well as his resignation letter to the President. An excerpt from the statement released by Gus reacting to the announcement:
“The departure of Attorney General Gonzales will allow the Justice Department to move beyond the distractions faced under his leadership. "The Justice Department is vital to our nation's safety and security. Today’s announcement has created an opportunity for new leadership to embrace a refocused and bipartisan agenda that will enable the Department to effectively and faithfully enforce our nation’s laws.