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Gus Attends Homeland Security Hearing on Narco-Terrorism Along the Border

October 14, 2011
Bilirakis Blog

On Friday, Oct. 14, Gus attended a House Homeland Security Committee hearing titled "A Call to Action: Narco-Terrorism's Threat to the Southern U.S. Border" and questioned witnesses about drug cartels and violence along the border.

Gus asked the following questions:

1. Why are the Iranians opening embassies throughout Latin America, including in countries where there are not yet significant commercial relationships or expatriate communities?  Is it possibly to give platforms to the intelligence services and terrorist proxies?  Does it have to do with relationships between these services and terror groups and drug cartels?

2. Is it true that some of the car bombs recently being used by cartels in Mexico, are technically very similar to car bomb designs used in Iraq by Iran's terrorist proxies there?  Does this indicate possible collusion, or training between cartels and terror groups?

Watch the responses here: