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Bilirakis: Another Obamacare Delay Demonstrates Law's Fundamental Unworkability

February 12, 2014
Press Release


“The Obama Administration continues to ignore the provisions of its own law,” said Bilirakis. “The dates of implementation for the Employer Mandate were written into the statute. The Obama Administration has simply ignored these provisions. This is tacit confirmation and incontrovertible proof that the law is unworkable. When the Obama Administration starts ignoring its own deadlines, it is a clear sign this law was never ready for prime time.”

“This latest delay is insulting to Congress,” continued Bilirakis. “I will continue to support a legislative delay of the Employer Mandate for all employers, regardless of size. Too many employees and employers are currently feeling the impacts of Obama’s signature legislation. These employees are facing reducedhours, or worse, losing their jobs completely. I will also work with my colleagues to replace Obamacare with commonsense, market-based healthcare reforms that empower families and physicians, not bureaucrats in Washington.”

On February 10, 2014, the Obama Administration announced it would delay the Obamacare Employer Mandate for medium sized employers until 2016, despite statutory requirements in the ACA to the contrary. Many Americans have already had their health plans in the individual market cancelled because of Obamacare, and soon those receiving health care through their employer will feel the negative impacts of the ACA.