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Energy and Commerce Committee Advances Three Bills

September 30, 2015
Press Release

Today, the Energy and Commerce Committee advanced three bills to embrace advances in the energy sector, protect taxpayer dollars, and protect our nation’s children.

“These are important bills that will benefit all Americans upon passage,” said Congressman Bilirakis.

The committee advanced the H.R. 8, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act, a comprehensive energy bill that seeks to capitalize on America’s energy abundance.

Bilirakis: “This legislation will help improve the energy infrastructure in my home state of Florida and all across the country. This legislation marks a significant step in bringing our policies up to speed with the new era of abundance and providing a fertile and fair path for energy infrastructure in the years to come.”

The Reconciliation Package will defund the Prevention and Public Health Fund created in the president’s health care law. This slush fund gives the Secretary of Health and Human Services billions of dollars to spend each year with no check on if the funds are spent responsibly.

Bilirakis: “The reconciliation recommendations will save more than $12 billion in taxpayer dollars. The legislation will defund Planned Parenthood and instead invest in higher quality health care options for women that protect all human life through community health centers. I remain steadfast in my effort to protect our most vulnerable Americans and I am glad this legislation helps us do so while protecting our taxpayer dollars at the same time.”

H.R. 3242, the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act is a bipartisan bill that would ensure liquid nicotine is sold in child-resistant packaging.

Bilirakis: “Our work on the Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade subcommittee proved liquid nicotine may appear attractive to young children and can lead to accidental poisoning. This bill will require child-resistant packaging for containers to prevent such misfortunes.”

Read text of the legislation and watch the full markup HERE