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Congressman Bilirakis strongly opposes illegal immigration but, as a grandchild of Greek immigrants, he recognizes the cultural, intellectual, and economic benefit of legal, law-abiding immigrants. He does not believe we should provide amnesty or reward those who have broken our nation’s immigration laws. Doing so simply encourages continued law-breaking and greater illegal immigration in the future. He knows that effective immigration control requires strong border enforcement and visa enforcement – nearly half of all illegal immigrants are visa overstays, not individuals who cross the border. Bilirakis recognizes the need to eliminate the incentives that encourage individuals to come here illegally, by reforming immigration process in such a way that rewards legal immigration and punishes those who break the law.

Bilirakis introduced the Student Visa Security Improvement Act, which would ensure the United States properly vets potential students before they are granted visas for admission and would ensure they abide by the terms of that visa. Gus also has cosponsored legislation to prevent states from issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, eliminate the visa lottery, and clarify that the Administration should rigorously enforce current immigration laws.

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August 1, 2014 Press Release

“As a second generation Greek American, I have a firsthand understanding of the importance and power of the American dream, as well as, the sensitivity and passion surrounding the issue of immigration reform. This matter becomes even more delicate when it involves minors, who must always be dealt with in a thoughtful, compassionate and fair manner,” Bilirakis said.